About us

About us

Homeward is your gateway to property investment.Professional resource for all your real estate needs catering to local residents,expatriate Kenya’s and even foreign investors needs.Homeward has become the most respected real estate agency in Kenya because of their aim to make buying and selling property transparent to

buyers and everyone out there.Thanks to our years of knowledge in this existing sector that has took our firm to the next level in just matter of couple of years.


Our Capabilities

No matter you are just looking to buy a land or sell your land in Kenya,we will get you there on time and in budget.In our opinion we remain one of the most respected real estate agencies because of our knowledge in buying and selling.We very much care about your ROI(Return on investment)

Our Mission

To provide the best land solution for all incomes and walks of life through selection and recommendation on the best investment on land and homes


Our vision is to make significant mark in Kenyans lives by providing them with land to build their dream homes. Historically land continuously increases in value. Sure there are ups and downs throughout the years but the overall trend is always up so it.